Build Your Confidence!

My client Missy says, "As a physical therapist I understand and preach the importance of exercise, especially weight training, however I was always intimidated by the 'Big Boy' side of the gym. Since I started working with Janna, I've participated in exercise routines I never would have before!!! I'm doing deadlifts, bench presses, and squatting with the bar!! I've also started to incorporate some of Janna's exercises in my treatment plan with patients. Janna's skill set and knowledge base is remarkable, and I trust her implicitly to work with myself as well as my patients. Since I've started working out with Janna I've become more confident and you can often find me in 'Big Boy' side of the gym!"

Ashley says, "Before I started working with Janna I struggled with weight loss and nutrition. When I did work out I would still eat whatever I wanted not realizing the affects it had. Now I’ve lost over 30 lbs, have a better handle on my nutrition, and feel much more comfortable working out in the gym. Janna met me where I was at in my journey and taught me how to make small changes to get to where I am now. "

Becky says, "I'm so grateful to have begun my journey to a healthier me with Janna. She is both competent and compassionate—meeting me where I am and pushing me to do more than I thought I could. Janna sees me as a whole person and is helping me, week by week, to better understand that I am worth putting in the time and commitment that it takes to improve my health and well-being. This journey is worth the investment! You won’t be disappointed!"